To provide a non-racial, non-sexist, a-political and democratic organisation committed to render a professional service to the country, its members and the community at large through effective and accountable leadership.


To ensure empowerment of women, previously disadvantaged groups and workers in general through training and by transforming our internal and external environments.

To position SAPU as an a-political organization, not aligned to any political party. Always being objective, lobbying support for the cause identified and initiated. As a democratic organization be empowered by mandates from the elected structure, and in so doing, truly reflecting the identified needs of members at grass roots level. Always maintaining a transparent and inclusive approach in decision making and the execution thereof.

To render a professional service that is in line with members expectations and fulfill the identified needs as employees and as human beings also taking their social needs into consideration. To ensure that our members render a professional service to the country as a whole, whilst protecting local and broader communities through effectively preventing and combating crime. As organisation promoting and maintaining a high level of discipline amongst members and taking the necessary action in the absence thereof.

Democratically elected leadership will always lead and direct within the constitutional and policy framework set down by the union. Through innovative leadership, effective and committed mandates will be sought from grassroots level and report back will take place within agreed time frames.

To remain open and transparent in their thinking, to act as mandated by their constituency, provide feedback and always act in the interest of the organization and its members. SAPU will respect and adhere to the rights as prescribed in the SA Constitution in the Bill of Rights, and will always keep those rights in mind during SAPU actions, policymaking and service delivery to its members.

The South African Police Union (SAPU) is an organisation established by workers and believes in the principles of democracy, professionalism and fairness. As a service organisation we strive to serve our members optimally by contributing to the improvement of the conditions of employment, professional, economic, social and cultural interests of all members.


To function as a democratic union for employees of the SA Police Service and employees of policing and all other recognised legal law enforcement agencies without limitation as far as race, creed, religion or gender are concerned and to represent and improve the employment.

SAPU is a non-profit organisation and all its income is used to advance and protect the socio-economic and labour interests and rights of the members of the Union.

In order to achieve this SAPU has structures elected at all levels of its operation lead by the National Office Bearers (NOB).
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